Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And the Christmas Douche Bag Award goes to....

James Dobson.    I wasn't going to talk about this again, but a sinus infection has stolen my ability to function in polite society, or at least the office this morning, and I have lost the power of speech.  Since I can't talk, I might as well type.   I don't know what parallel universe I thought I lived in when I didn't think anyone would go there except Fred Phelps.  Maybe I had gained hope from the news reports about the teachers shielding their children during the school shooting.  I under estimated the power of the douche-side...

And then here comes my old 'friend' James Dobson.   Dr. Dobson and I first got into a fight he didn't know about when I was unfortunate enough to come up on his radio program late one night after work.  I listened to him berate some poor teenager for being suicidal and gay and came to the conclusion that he was a false prophet who needed to have his butt kicked. 

Fred Phelps is like the crazy guy who used to stand on the street corner and yell at people as they passed by.  Only he has a law degree, and he's conned his family into doing it with him.   You expect pure, unadulterated religious crazy from him.   He's made a living blaspheming the Holy Spirit.   Dobson is that guy who seems nice until you show up at church in a pair of slacks instead of a skirt and then he proceeds to go all condescending sexist religious crazy on you.   You half expect him to keep it in check until he opens his mouth and the mean comes spewing out. 

I really thought that murdered children would be a line he would not cross until I saw Huffpost this morning.    I was wrong.  From what I'm reading, "Dr" Dobson thinks that God killed 20 children to make a point about the gays Friday.   


Congratulations, you get the Christmas Douche award. 

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